Thursday, June 29, 2006

Be careful of "Stroller Management"

Pammers sent this note:

"NEVER leave supplies in the stroller. I placed our small cooler with all of Joey's things in our stroller in a nice shady place (i couldn't bring it on this particular ride). While we were away, some well meaning Disney attendant moved it into full sun and everything inside (including the insulin) cooked. Thank goodness I only live an hour and a half away and we could just go home to give him his next dose.

Moral of the story: never leave your supplies - NEVER."

Good point. Disney does do what we call "stroller management." It is a kind of stroller round up process that keeps the strollers corralled up in one space. Your stroller will move. So Pammers is very right you may want to carry your insulin or get a real good cooler with a lot of cool in it that can take the hot Florida sun.

If you can't take your cooler on a particular ride tell the Disney Cast Member what it is and ask them for help. Most of the Cast are great about helping out.

Thanks for that tip!

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