Monday, March 20, 2006

Drop Mark a Note or Post Card.

Connor just got out of Children's on Halloween '03 just a few weeks before a BIG Disney trip. (a Big Birthday for Zurgswife a.k.a. ZW.)

On that trip we went through some diabetes newbie experiences. Assuming we could buy a soda when we need to cover a low, instead of carrying a juice box. Loosing a meter etc.

We also found out that Disney Cast Members (employees anyplace else but Mickey calls them CMs) at the rank and file level are spectacular with diabetes assistance if you say "I need help."

Unfortunately we found out they are kind of a pain about carb counts. All you T1 families know the look that asks, "Why are you asking about carb counts? You an Atkins freak?"

Disney is GREAT at many thinks. Carb counting ain't one of them.

Since then I have been trying to get through to a 'suit' to talk about it. I am persistent and motivated. I kept at it off and on for two years.

No luck.

I had phone calls unreturned. I got high and mighty letters patronizing me about the important of them not getting it wrong and my responsibility to get it right for my kids. Oh and the ever popular (raise you hand if you have heard this one T1 families) info on a few sugar free items

50 odd thousand employees. Ya think someone would have a T1 clue.

Well after two years I finally talked to honest to Mickey disability executive.

He said he had never heard a guest asking about carb counts for a T1 kid.

No kidding! Wonder why? Unreturned phone calls and sugar free maybe

Turns out he was a very nice, if well insulated guy. He just needs to hear from more T1 families

So if anyone stumbles onto my little blog and would like to drop the guy a note here's where to send it:

Mr. Mark Jones
Walt Disney World Services for Guests with Disabilities
Box 10000
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


janette said...

It will be fabulous that Disney will have carb counting list on every restaurant or cafeteria. So, that way, you will ask for that at the place & request food with no guessing!! Good idea! I will write a letter to Mr. Mark Jones too. We went to Disney on February this year. Very uncomfortable situation with the food.

mish said...

Thanks zurg old buddy! We're going this christmas and I"ll send him a note. Do you think that we need to specify particular restaurant? Maybe I'll start by asking for carb counts at character breakfast buffets....

Zurg said...

For now they got a lot of nothing.

We got the forms and sent them in with specific food items at specific places.

We'll see what we get.

Thanks for joining in and writing too.

mish said...

I wish they could handle it- it doesn't seem to be that much of a big deal - THEY must know how many carbs are in a stinking Pooh that's Ian's favorite :)

Zurg said...

This is what we got back. Not overly impressive BUT it is a start.

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