Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You Can’t Always Buy a Coke.

Strange as it may seem there are times when it is hard to buy a Coke (or other high carb beverage) at Disney. Sure there is a vendor every 8 feel when it is busy (and so are the vendors). However those vendors don’t come out right when the park opens.

In fact we have had a low and had trouble trying to find something to bring it back up. Now if you get in this situation ask the nearest Disney Cast Member and tell them you have a diabetic kid in insulin shock.

You will get great service.

We had a guy doing trash duty, when asked where I could get a sugar drink and why, walk into a very crowded coffee shop first thing in the morning and help us get a juice. No line. No wait.

Then he was back to his trash duties with out hardly a chance for me to say thanks. Rank and file Cast Members are like that, very kind, very cool, very unassuming.

Anyway the point is you need to carry a juice or soda. There are times when nothing is open or what is open has a HUGE line.

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