Monday, March 20, 2006

Special Dietary Needs

Special Dietary Needs

Disney has a department for Culinary Development & Special Dietary Needs. Currently the manager is a very nice guy named Joel Schaefer. They have a from you can fill out for special diet issues. I think it was designed for food allergies but we filled one out for T1. We will post our experience on how it works out.

In all fairness I hit the guy on very short notice. Here is what he wrote.

Dear Mr. Dunlap,

Here is the information you have requested. Please fill out the dietary form with your children's dietary need and send it back to everyone in this email. We will distribute it to the leaders in the locations where you will be dining. Please indicate if you wish someone to contact you.

As I said on the phone, we will do our best to give you the carbohydrate count you requested, but we cannot guarantee we will have this information.

If you are interested in using the form, try his office at 407-560-4588.

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