Thursday, April 20, 2006

Another T1 parent posted over at the DIS about carb counting:

A national best-seller pocket guide for 2006 is now available at local bookstores and discount stores. It's called CALORIE FAT AND CARBOHYDRATE COUNTER by Allan Borushek. It lists over 200 fast- food chains and restaurants plus offers free website support. This miniature book is a National Health Information awards winner, which makes an easy portable reference guide in the parks, costing just $7.99. Main thing to remember, you can always take more insulin 2 hous later, you can't take less! HAVE A MAGICAL DAY!

Good point Cindyrelly. We have one and take it with. You can also get a download into a Palm or Treo. I am playing with it in the test period. $30 to keep it in each Treo. That is $60 of both ZW and I to carry it.

The jury is still out on it. We welcome suggestions for any other Palm based carb databases. I think for $60 buck I may shop around. It works OK but seems to have a lot of extra stuff when all I want is the database.

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