Friday, April 21, 2006

Carol G. wrote:

I highly recommend getting a ketone meter that tests the BLOOD for ketones. This is different than the urine strip ketone test. The meter is made by MediSense and is the Precision Xtra. It tests the ketones in the blood - just like doing a regular glucose check with a strip except you are measuring ketones rather than glucose levels. The urine strip only shows you the ketone levels of several hours ago - the blood strip is accurate to the current time. We were able to tell within a couple of hours that his ketones were clearing out although the urine strips still showed high ketones. Here is a link to info about it:

She also has this to offer:

Also check out Children With Diabetes - They run their annual conference in Florida. This year it is at Seaworld but next year they are back at WDW at the Coronado Springs Resort in July 07. The conference is for families and children and there are LOTS of great activities for the kids. It is wonderful meeting so many type 1's and their families. Many adult type 1's come too. The website has a great chat room and kept me sane during that first year!

Great idea I should put that link on the side bar.

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