Wednesday, April 19, 2006

From our Special Food Needs Form The Disney food people say:

It is the same Mac& Cheese everywhere, 40 carbs a cup.
Pizza planet Pizza 56 carbs / serving two servings per pie. They say they have 30 or 40 different pizza crusts, this was the one they could give me but it was the one I wanted too.
Same fries almost all places, 3oz = 20 carbs
Chicken tender = 11 per tender.
Chicken Nuggets 10 carbs 4 nuggets.
Choc Milk 26 carbs for 8 oz
Pretzel bread stick in Canada 17 per stick. (boy are they good)

Mickey Bar 31
Mickey Ice Cream Sand 36

That was about it.

Come candies said on the food label write Disney for nutrition info. LAME LAME LAME has a handy but larger than pocket size book you can also download the info into a palm or Treo. (It ain't cheap to load two Treos but is an OK resource.)

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Anonymous said...

Just for clarification, the info you posted for the pizza at Pizza Planet is 56 carbs per serving (making it 112 per individual pizza)?