Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is Joel Shaffer and Delaney (with her cool hot pink pump case.)

Joel is the Special Food Needs Guy at Disney. Joel is a very good guy.

It took us two years and probably 4+ trips to find a good guy that could help with type 1 diabetes (and of the Disney dwarfs, we ain't Bashful.)

His dad is on a pump so he has a little more empathy for what we go through than the average guy. He and his people can help some with carb counts info. Not a lot of help, yet, but some. Some is way better than none. Call Joel and ask for a special dietary needs form.

Get the diabetes on you priority seating records when you make a reservation.

The more of us that ask, the more Disney will get the idea that we are out here and need help to enjoy the Disney experience.

Joel is at 407 560 4588.

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