Thursday, April 20, 2006

Talk to your endo before going to WDW and making any changes to the insulin dose.

Our insulin use does changes with all the activity (walking.)

YBGMA (Your Blood Glucose May Vary) LOL maybe the most true statement about T1 ever made right?

On previous strips we found the insulin load decreased but this last trip our total daily dose was up for both kids. Maybe part was having pumpers who were more free to eat as they wanted but the night time basal rates were up too. So it wasn't just eating, they were high at night when tested.

We test like mad.
We test in the parks.
We test late at night.
Here the kids are testing at the Studios.

We were actually running low on strips and we pack a ton of extras. Don't make any adjustments to insulin without testing before and after the change.

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ilovemickeymost said...

We're leaving for the world in 20 days. YIPPIE, thanks for the tip on packing strips. This will be our first trip since daughter was diagnosed. Any tips will be great. I love your blog. It is so helpful. As one parent to another, Thank you